Today it’s time to introduce little Berta, also known as Estrella La Valiente (in the dog pound).
Berta is one of those dogs that we don’t know her past and we prefer not to know it 🥺🥺.

She is small, active, cheerful, playful, sociable but still a bit fearful of big dogs.
She loves to run! She is an adorable “nut”.
She was abandoned in the Alhaurín dog pound with one of her paws destroyed, with the bone out, with hardly any skin or flesh, we don’t know if she had fallen into a trap, if she had been attacked, her owner didn’t care and abandoned her there in pain and in a place she did not know. In the pound they treated her as best they could but never got an X-Ray or any special medical care. After two months they contacted one of us to ask for help for her as she was not getting better.
She has been in foster care for more than a month and a half and has already been seen twice by the traumatologist and if everything goes well she will be operated on next month to see if she can save her leg, as she still can’t support it, she has no the skin needed for the surgery, no muscles and it still hurts. Although she has improved quite a lot.
She is a small dog (in the photos she looks bigger) who melts for a caress, despite what she must have suffered, she is a very happy dog and she shows it with a smile on her face every time she goes out in the street or shows all her affection.

We all hope that with treatment, rehabilitation and daily moisturising massages to help her skin regenerate, it will be enough for her to soon have a pain free, happy life and find a forever family.
Do you want to help Estrella? Do you want to meet her? ????

Mijas, Málaga, but can travel

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