Luz was rescued in a deplorable condition. She lived locked up in a kennel together with many galgos and podencos. She was locked up all day and didn’t see the sunlight until her owner took her out for some use. As she was not productive she became a nuisance and that became her fortune. Luz is a podenca of a year and a half, at the most two years old. She weighs about 18 kilos, is very beautiful, and has a nice personality. She melts for a caress and a loving gesture. When you approach her she lies down and only wants you to touch her tummy or better said big belly as she is pregnant with at least 6 puppies. We think she will have her babies in a couple of weeks. We would like her to be able to have her babies in a quiet home, so we are looking for a foster home for her. You can also be her sponsoring her or helping with her special food. To help her with her special diet, she is now taking very good quality food, vitamins, and calcium, in order to cover the deficiency she has had all her life.

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