NATA, what can we say about her? How can we explain without our souls falling to the ground and our hearts breaking into pieces what has been done to her to keep her in this state?

Nata arrived at the Fuengirola dog pound more dead than alive, her situation was and is very delicate. We were asked for help from the pound and when we saw her in photos, we couldn’t look the other way and we decided to help her urgently.

We don’t know her past and we prefer not to know where she comes from but her body speaks for itself. Her neck still bears the mark of the collar that for many years was her doom, her hardened and calloused tits tell us that she has not stopped giving birth again and again, her skin, hairless, full of fungus tells us that she has lived among her own excrement without a minimum of hygiene, her body full of tumours, some of them ulcerated, tells us that she has never known what a vet, a good meal or a good bed is, nor has she ever known what a vet is.

And yet her gaze, confused between pain and insecurity, asks for you to love her, to touch her. She wags her little tail when we approach her, she drops her head in your hands when you offer it to her ❤️

Now it’s time to take care of you Nata, we have done some blood tests that have shown that she has anaemia and also positive in anaplasty, we have already started with her medication. Her tumours with ulcers will be operated as soon as she gets stronger and we will continue with special baths with COATEX to improve her skin. And on top of all this, of course, abundant enriched food and lots and lots of cuddles.
If you want to be part of Nata’s new life, if you want to help us in her recovery, any help will be welcome.


Our sweet Nata has been operated for the tumor in her front leg.
It was a quite big tumor and it passed through a very important vein. Thanks to the skill of our vet, Sergio, everything went very well and now Nata is in a foster home to recover, thanks Puri for taking her in and taking care of her 🥰.

Our Nata still has a long way to go, she has more tumors that will have to be operated, she still has anemia although she improves with the homemade food that our volunteers prepare for her, she continues with treatment for her skin, and we will have to spay her and repeat complete analytical tests in case there is any underlying disease.

You can help Nata by being her Godfather or Godmother, becoming a member or subscribing to our Teaming.

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