The best Gift in the world

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to help animals. She could volunteer at a shelter or be a foster home, but she felt that her help would be very limited and she wanted to help more.

One day, taking advantage of the fact that she was a very good writer, she started writing a story, a story to make people and children aware of animal abandonment. And so was born: The Best Gift in the World.
A story full of values, about love, friendship ….

But that was not the end of her crusade, Almudena, that’s the girl’s name, wanted to help more, so she decided to donate all the benefits of her story to animal shelters.

And that’s how this wonderful story came to Suspiros de Cuatro Patas.

If you want to have this story this is your moment, if you have someone special to give it to or just want it for you, order yours!!!

We need a minimum order of 10 copies and remember that the benefits are for the shelter dogs.
RRP 16€, they would be picked up at the shelter or in nearby points (shipping costs not included).

Cheer up!!! Give the gift of solidarity!

For orders write us privately or email