Update Aslam

We already have a date for Aslam’s surgery, he will be operated on November 29th👏👏👏👏

Expect surgery, preoperative, medication and more than 1500€, without counting the rehabilitation that we have already been told he will need because he has had a broken leg for so long.

We know that we are in dates of many expenses, we know that we do not stop asking 😞 and that we are not the only ones, there are too many animals in need. That’s why we have proposed to raise at least half of the 800€ and to look for sponsors to help us little by little to finish paying and paying for the rehabilitation.

But don’t worry, no matter how much we raise or not, Aslam will be operated on November 29th, enough has already happened and we will see how the bills will be paid.

And as always, thanks to everyone, whether it is a little or a lot, everything adds up and don’t forget to share, it also helps 😘.