Suspiritos up for adoption

Their happiness our best reward

We call suspiritos to all of the dogs we have rescued from difficult situations. Sometimes it is a called from someone saying that they have seen an abandoned dog, in order ocassions, it is just a family that doesn’t want to take care of a dogf anymore but the most heart breaking ones are those that come in a really difficult situation (injures, scrawny, etc). Dogs that are in a huge need of a foster home or vet help.

Suspiros de Cuatro Patas in a non-profit organization that works thanks to the donations from our partners, punctual transfers, events we organize or platforms as Teaming.

Dogs you can see above are suspiritos that haven’t found a forever home yet. A big heart family that is willing to make a suspirito happy, ready for being loved by a gorgeous animal and to sigh (suspiro in spanish) a lot.
These suspiritos are placed in our shelter in Mijas (Málaga), but some of them are in foster homes in the surroundings. But don’t worry, they can travel if needed, we will organise everything. The most important thing here is to find a forever home for our suspiritos.

You might be asking yourself which are the costs of adopting a suspirito. Because all our suspiritos go through tests to make sure that everything is in good shape (even though sometimes they are not in such a good health) and the suspirito should be neutered, the cost per adoption is 220€.

If you are interested in adopting one of our suspiritos, please contact us through the contact form you can see below. You are free to ask whatever you need, we are here to help. We have a team just in charge of adoption and they will give you any information you might need.

They will always be greatful, but trust us, you will thank it even more ❤