Sponsorship area

Sponsorship area

While most of the dogs we care for and rescue spend a short period of time before they are ready to be adopted, some of them come with very special needs.We are talking about cases where they need extensive training before they can live in a home, they need a period of recovery due to the starving state they come from. Other times the dogs are rescued from an accident or have a very particular illness; in these cases, expensive operations have to be carried out on the dogs (most of the time from one day to the next), tests and long periods of medication which in most cases are costly.

But you know what?You all have the opportunity to help these little ones, who are not yet ready to live in a home, but thanks to you, sooner or later, they will be.
With a monthly contribution of 10€, you can help one story in particular.
This contribution does not only come with the satisfaction of helping an animal in need, but one of our volunteers will contact you so that you can follow up on the dog, with photos, videos, etc.

We are going to present you some little sighs that are in the process of sponsorship, can you give us a hand?

These little sighs need godparents

Don’t look away, join the revolution!Are you interested in sponsoring one of our Suspiritos? Write to us!Don’t look away, join the revolution!
Are you interested in sponsoring one of our Suspiritos? Write to us!