Turrón was Gordon, he was rescued with two months old and given in adoption with four.

He was a fearful dog, but as we use to say, each family should teach and spend the time each dog needs, we do our best…but we can’t give in adoption 150 dogs per year with a perfect character, in time and either in money.
Turrón is fear to big noises, man’s and big movements.
He’s now 3 years old and 40 kilos, and he needs minimum one hour per day to teach him that his concerns can be resolved step by step, and that even if now he’s living in a kennel and not in a flat, with the effort of volunteers and trainer, he will have the opportunity to live without fears.

For sure soon he will be able to change the cold kennel for a warm home bed, and we will fight for that.

If you like animals and want to help him with one hour per week, we have special dogs that need you.
Mijas, Málaga

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