Urgent Foster Home for Aslam

This is Aslam, a young podenco with a sad story. Aslam was found in January 2023. He was seen alone, limping and looking for food. After a month they managed to get him but had nowhere to take him.

A nice man took care of him, took him to the vet and they saw that his hind leg femur was broken, but the operation was very expensive, so they couldn’t operate.

We knew Aslam’s story a month ago, we don’t want to imagine the pain he must have gone through all these months …. A few days ago Aslam arrived at Suspiros along with two other dogs with whom he shared a kennel. He has already been to the vet and he has confirmed that his femur is still broken and very displaced, so he need to be operated

We need a foster for Aslam 🙏🙏🙏🙏. It has to be a foster of minimum three months and in Mijas Costa or surroundings because he will have to go to several checkups per month.

Please help Aslam, share his story and help us to give him a happy ending, Aslam deserves it.

For more information, please write privately or send an e-mail to info@suspirosdecuatropatas.org.